Payne Hawthorne


crazy sexyPayne is a forty something native Californian that lives on the north coast with her Corgi named Ginger Bunk Bunk and her tabby cat, Jordis.

She is in love with writing erotica and romantic fiction. Payne feels that it is a fabulous gift to create appetite, hunger, desire and arousal in others. She is able to deliver on that promise through simply told yet intricate stories rich with complex character studies. The continuous thread in all her work is that love is always the answer and can conquer all. She likes to entertain the idea that love by itself is an actual source of untapped power.

She is a retired horse trainer and is hoping to make writing her new career. In her own words she says she is still learning and can only get better. She currently has established herself as a ghost and freelance writer along with working on her own stories.

Her first book, a full length novel, AdventuresinPayne is the first book in a new series that centers around the reunion of ancient soul mates from another universe, left stranded on the quarantined planet earth. Through eons of reincarnated lives they are finally reunited.

Her second series, Dormant Desires, Alpha Awakened Book 1, has hit the top 5 on Kindle bestsellers list. This is a really fun new paranormal romance in the erotica genre and part two, Omega Rising, is now available on Kindle.

As in all her work she loves to weave in her love and knowledge of animals and nature.

From Payne:

I am a writer and author of Erotic Romances with a paranormal or supernatural twist. A strong story and powerful characters are my main goal, with steamy eroticism as the frosting.

I really need more fans and I need more reviews! (positive please, if you feel otherwise just walk away!)…

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